SimpleScript is a programing language created to be simple and easy to use. It includes a dashboard with a web UI that allows the user to update SimpleScript to get security updates and new features any time.

How good is it?

SimpleScript is still a work in progress and is not yet version 1.0, but it's more stable then most code languages already. Did you know our website you are on now is made using SimpleScript, and markdown using the SimpleScript command s.markdown() to parse markdown pages into full content pages. Look at the markdown of this page /page_content/

Some features


Download the simple PHP installer at The installer will copy all files over and then ask you to set a default password. If you are running an older version you can run the installer to update it.

Syntax support in code editors (atom)

You can now install the syntax package directly into Atom


We are developing this as part of NodeHost by some of the staff to help new developers and people in school learn and teach code. You can check out NodeHost by visiting